How to Effectively Remove Hair and Dust from Your Sofa

Can you remember the last time you bought a new sofa? You had the rock-solid ambition to never eat on it or allow your pets to nap on your brand new purchase. But life happens, and it’s fairly likely you were unable to resist the begging eyes of your furry companion who just wanted to spend some time with you. Don’t worry– there are a few easy tricks to prevent dirt from building up on your sofa. Or if the damage is already done, you can also follow quick and easy steps to get your sofa back like new. All these methods are ecologically friendly and safe for your pets and children.

1. Choose Your Sofa Well

If you’re lucky enough to be at the stage of needing to get a new sofa, seriously consider the following points. If you have a pet with light coloured fur, choose a sofa fabric equally light in colour. Likewise for dark fur. Prioritize washable covers that are easily removed from the cushions. Be sure to dry the covers at a very low temperature to prevent them from shrinking.

2. Prevent Dander and Dust

If you have pets, you’ll always need to clean your couch. But it’s worth having luck on your side by applying these five tips to reduce pet hair in your home. Basically, it is important to frequently groom your pet and brush it daily. See it as a moment of relaxation with your pet. They may mot like it at first, but will feel much better afterward. It’s especially important to regularly brush long-haired cats and dogs. This will reduce hair on your furniture and keep your pet comfortable, with knots in their fur.

To prevent dust from accumulating over time, there’s nothing like regular house cleaning. Dusting every week or two will help keep your furniture in good condition. Dirt won’t have time to accumulate in any major way. If you don’t have the time to properly clean your home at such regular intervals, don’t hesitate to delegate work to an environmentally friendly house cleaning company, like Adèle. Our Pros know how to handle animal hair and dust better than anyone.

3. Know Your Sofa

First and foremost, you must take precautions to protect your sofa. Lift the cushions and read the label carefully. Here is a guide to understanding the maintenance codes:

WS et W:

If the care label on your sofa indicates one of these two codes, you can use water-based cleaners. It is important, however, to test the cleaner on a small, hidden section of the fabric and let it dry. You’ll be able to see if the fabric gets damaged, if the colour changes or if a ring is left behind.

S & X:

Fabric or leather upholstery can only be cleaned with mild dry cleaning solvents that don’t leave any watermarks. So it’s best not to use a cleaner at all, and stick to the vacuum and rubber gloves (see below) to remove dust and hair.

4. Dry Cleaning Your Sofa

Dry air and static electricity increase the likelihood of hair sticking to surfaces and fabrics. What’s more, these two factors make hair and dust more volatile.

But it’s possible to use the static to your advantage to remove virtually all the hair from your sofa. This method is 100% ecological and only takes a few minutes.

 Put on a pair of thick rubber gloves, preferably with a textured finish to trap as much dust and hair as possible. Rub them together to activate the static electricity. Run your hands along with the fabric of your sofa in the opposite direction of the fiber. The texture of your gloves and the static charge will attract dust and hair automatically. You just have to rinse your gloves with water! You can also use your rubber gloves on other surfaces in the house. Try to lightly wet the rubber of your gloves to clean your duvet covers or chairs.

 The vacuum cleaner is your number one ally to manage dust and hair. Of course, you’ll need techniques, especially for this task. Stand up the cushions and vacuum all the dirt. Then ask someone to help you lift the couch to be able to completely vacuum underneath. Use a cloth to clean the sofa’s feet at the same time.

5. Deep Cleaning Your Sofa

If your couch needs more serious work, and the codes on the label are WS or W, follow these steps. In a spray bottle, mix ¼ cup white vinegar, ¾ lukewarm water (opt for demineralized water) and a tablespoon of ECOLOGO certified dish soap. Spray the mixture on problem areas and wipe with a damp cloth to clear off the liquid. Dry with a dry microfiber cloth.

Of course, the best way to keep your sofa clean is to prevent damage by protecting it with blankets and regular cleaning of your home. Although it’s impossible to totally remove hair and dust when you own pets, it is possible to reduce them. We can help you make your home a dust-free environment with proven techniques.


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