How do I get a quote?

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For a quote, simply visit to our website (, enter your postal code and complete our short questionnaire describing your home and its occupants. The postal code allows us to confirm that service is available in your area, and the entire process takes less than 5 minutes.

Two choices are available to you: an Adèle subscription, for recurring house cleaning appointments every one, two or four weeks, and Adele on demand for a one-time, on-demand appointment.

After describing your home and its occupants, the exact price for both possible services will be displayed. If the price suits you, you will be prompted to create an account, enter your address, and make an appointment at the time and date of your choice. Payment is made by credit card only and will take at the end of the appointment.

When you sign up for an Adèle subscription, you select the day and time for the subscription start and the desired time span between appointments. The system will then create a series of appointments. You can modify an appointment date and time, cancel an appointment and modify your residence’s information on your personal profile on our website. You can also cancel your subscription without penalty at any moment.

Getting quality house  cleaning has never been this easy, fast and efficient!