How is Adèle on demand different from the competition?

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To meet your expectations and to strive to exceed them, we’ve developed a service offering that’s as complete as possible.

Ease of use

  • Our website is our main point of contact. With a couple of clicks, you can confirm that you live in our service area (which is the case if you live in Montreal or certain areas of the City of Ottawa), get a price and book an appointment.
  • Payment is automated. You enter your credit card information when you book the appointment, and the payment goes through once the job is done.
  • The price you’re given is the price you pay. It’s a package rate that includes the many, many tasks described here:


  • To make sure you’re satisfied, our Pros have access to technical tools and training to update their housekeeping know-how. This lets them become familiar with our professional work methods.
  • A legal background check is performed on all our Pros, and they must have a clean record.
  • We’ve developed a house-cleaning process that’s standardized through the use of an app. Our Pros use it to make sure each house-cleaning job is done with the same level of attention to detail.
  • We use products that are respectful of the environment and don’t leave any residue that’s hazardous to living beings (adults, children, animals, etc.). These products have been certified by ECOLOGO, the highest rating in this product category.


  • Our services are provided on demand and without an ongoing commitment. You call on our services when you need them: once in your life, once in a while or once every two weeks. And you can stop a recurring appointment anytime you want.
  • We’re developing a new appointment booking form that will let you order not only on-demand house cleaning but also custom jobs. (It will be available in a few weeks or months.)

We offer you peace of mind while also helping to return a legal status to this industry, which has operated on the black market too long.