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What’s included?

We offer turnkey services that include all home cleaning equipment (except a vacuum cleaner), and ECOLOGO® certified green products. For optimal results, since the majority of our Pros travel by public transport, the customer must provide a working vacuum cleaner.

Please note that we don’t do: deep cleaning (after or before a moving and after or before renovations, spring cleaning), tidying dishes or objects, cleaning in locations that have not been clean in the last 30 days and the replacement of towels and bed sheets.


Dust in all the assigned rooms :

  • Furnishings
  • Frames and tables
  • Ornaments (unless the room is overloaded)
  • Wall moldings, door frames, fans, vents
  • Furniture
  • Window sills
  • Horizontal blinds
  • Light fixtures
  • On top of radiators, baseboards and other horizontal surfaces

Note: For safety reasons, the Pro is not allowed to ride on a stepladder, a chair, etc.


  • Clean the outside of the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, toaster, microwave oven, electric kettle and all other accessories (that can’t go in the dishwasher) on the counter at the time of the appointment.
  • Clean the countertop and sink and polish the faucet.
  • Vacuum and wash the floor.

Washrooms and bathrooms

  • Wash (inside/outside) the sink, the toilet, the bathtub, and the shower.
  • Clean the thermostats, door handles and flush lever.
  • Clean the counter and polish the faucets and mirrors.
  • Wash the floors.

Bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms

  • Make the bed(s) with the existing sheets.
  • Vacuum chairs, and under cushions.
  • Vacuum and wash the floor (including under the furniture)


  • Clean all mirrors, the exterior of the washer and dryer, television and computer screens, ashtrays and garbage cans.

Short-term rental


  • Empty the dishwasher and put away the dishes.
  • Discard perishable items, light cleaning if needed.
  • Replace the bed sheets with a clean set. You must provide a clean set.
  • Replace towels with clean ones. You must provide clean towels.

The pros of our short-term rental service:

  • Manage and pay for your multi-address bookings online.
  • Automatically sync your Airbnb calendar with our platform.
  • Online customer service available 7/7 via text messaging (SMS), chat or email.
  • Housework designed for short-term rentals.


Adèle House Cleaning doesn’t offer cleaning services after major renovations, during spring/fall cleaning or before/after a move. Unfortunately, these tasks are not yet available:

  • Full cleaning of walls, wall moldings, all windows and blinds.
  • Interior and top of cabinets, inside drawers, inside closets, inside of oven and refrigerator.
  • Cleaning or tidying of dishes, and all types of tidying.
  • Cleaning of any surface that, during the visit, has documents on it that are judged to be personal (e.g. bills, letters, handwritten documents, jewelry, money, etc.)
  • Moving of appliances and furniture (except chairs and stools while washing the floors).
  • Cleaning/dusting of overloaded surfaces.
  • Washing floors in oiled wood. Washing of floors adjacent to the oiled wood surface can not be guaranteed.

Note: The vacuum cleaner must be provided by the client and be available and visible upon the arrival of Adèle House Cleaning.